Rollos de Polietileno S.A. de C.V.

Lo mejor en empaques de polietileno y a un precio justo

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Inicio Cut and Seal

Cut and Seal

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in this part of the process we take the rolls manufactures in the extrusion area and we cut and seal in the desired lenght according to your order.
in Roposa we have 16 lines of bag making machines that come from the most prestigious armorrers from the U.S.A., Brasil and Italy and withe the capacity to make millions of bags per year.
The products that we can offer to you we have:
  • T shirt bag all sizes in high & low desnity in all colors.
  • Bags on roll in High & low DEnsity in any thickness and color from 20 cm. to 200 cm. wide  & from 20 cm. to  500 cm. long.
  • Matress bags
  • Sheets in high & low density, loose or in roll.
  • Sleeves in high & low density. loose or in roll
  • Bags with any special attachement: Inner lip, Outer lip, holes,  star seal,  bottom gusseted., etc.
  • Bags with any chemichal properties: UV inhibitor,  antiestatic, antioxidant,  treated for printing, etc.