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Lo mejor en empaques de polietileno y a un precio justo

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Here we will talk about extrusion, wich is the process when we take the raw material of polyethylene that comes in shapes of pellets and it is a product from the petrochemichal industry. Once feeded into the machine the screw inside it will melt the pellets and make an uniform paste.

At the end of the screw we have a circular dye the blows the hot material up creating the polyethylene film each time according to the demands and specifications of the customer, This film could be a tube, centerfold, open in bode sides or a sheet . We also adjust the machine so we can get the thickness of the film according to every order.
In Roposa we can make the 2 major branches in polyethylene: High Density and Low density. Extrusion is the starting point in converting the flexible packaging of polyethylene. Roposa is one of the fewest companies that can handle all this varieties fo products.
We have 11 lines of extrusion that come from the best armorers of Europe and Asia with a capacity to manufacture more than 700 metric tons per month.
  • Rolls from 10 cm. up to 6 meters wide in low density in any color & thickness from 0.6 up 6 MIL
  • Rolls from 10 cm. up to 1.65 meters wide in high density in any color & thickness from 0.4 up 6 MIL
  • Shrink film ideal for automatic packaging of bundles in automatic shrinking ovens.
  • Extra Large rolls for covering big areas.
  • Sheets specially made for lamination.
  • Rolls with any kind of chemichal additives:UV inhibitor,  antioxidant, antislip,  antiestatic, VCI,  etc.
  • Rolls with any kind of physical properties: gusseted, embossed,
  • Corona treated for flexographic printing,  perforted, etc.