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Lo mejor en empaques de polietileno y a un precio justo

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Roposa aware that in order to keep growing has to take care of our enviroment has a recycling are where every month we can recycle up to 200 metric tons a month of scrap material and turn it in raw material again. with this we make our productivity grow and giving some improvement to our enviroment reducing the garbage.
We have in our facility the best Austrian born machinery to do the job. Where we feed the machine with the scrap and with a inverse screw system we deliver raw material again.
We can offer the following:
  • Poly resin in any grade of Low density in clear, gray and black.
  • Poly resin in High Density in clear, white and mixed colors.
Also we can buy the scrap or obsolete material from our customers and with that we all have an advantage in using this machinery.