Rollos de Polietileno S.A. de C.V.

Lo mejor en empaques de polietileno y a un precio justo

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Our Company

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Rollos de Polietileno was born in 1986 in Mexico City, as a result of the gathering  of  3 partners with an experience back then of 10 years in the polyethylene industry. Since its beginnings Roposa targeted a very margined sector in Mexico:
The one of quality service to customer.
Since those days, the small factory with just 2 lines of machines, began to atract the attention of distributors and clientes for its quality finished product  and on time delivery. Back then the production was of 60 metric tons per month.
That helped us consolidate & to move in the year of 1989 to our new and bigger facilities. With time passing by and the great acceptance of our customers the enterprise has grown in such measure that today we have 11 lines of
extruders, 16 lines of bag making machine and one recycling machine. Reaching a production level of 700 metric tons a month.
We are one of the few companies in Mexico with such a variety of products to offer to our variety of customer that include converters, distributors and final users.
Our company is charachterized for giving our customers exelent quality & assitance in all the polyethylene packaging need of the user. Also, we offer great post sales assistance & a extraordinary human team formed since their beginnigs in the factory.